THE L.I.N.U.S. EFFECT  & The Loneliness Epidemic

Karen Loucks Rinedollar, Purpose-Full Living Expert

It is said that 1 in 4 people around the world feel lonely. In the United States, it is as high as 50%. Humans are wired for social interaction. Without it, people tend to feel isolated, invisible and insignificant. This “epidemic” is hitting people of all ages, all socioeconomic levels and in all parts of our country. It is not uncommon for people to feel that if they disappeared tomorrow, no one may even notice. This epidemic was going on prior to COVID-19 but grew substantially when people were cut off from their friends, loved ones, business acquaintances, religious fellowship, sports and civic organizations.

High school and college students, people starting new jobs, new parents, people who have moved locations, empty nesters, successful professionals, retirees, seniors and more can feel the sting of this epidemic. According to Health and Human Services, the Loneliness Epidemic is harmful to both individual and societal health- potentially leading to cardiovascular disease, dementia, stroke, depression, anxiety and premature death. Did you know that loneliness is as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes a day- and even more dangerous when factoring in obesity and physical inactivity.

But there are things all of us can do to ward off the Loneliness Epidemic for ourselves as well as others. The L.I.N.U.S. Effect (Live with Purpose, Invest in Others, Never Say Never, Undertake Something Bold & Start Now!)  is an easy to implement solution to improve personal and professional feelings of belonging.

Karen is an author, speaker and consultant specializing Purpose-Full Living.  In 1995, she founded and managed the non-profit effort Project Linus that has provided over 9.3 million hand-made blankets to seriously ill and traumatized children around the world. That’s 28 years of making positive ripple effects that will reverberate for countless years to come. 

For decades, Karen has been speaking to audiences large and small about how individual efforts produce big results.  She uses her public platform to inspire others to create something larger than themselves.   Her optimistic message is simply that one person really can make a positive difference.  It’s often the little things that make the biggest difference.

In “The L.I.N.U.S. Effect,” audiences learn how to create a simple, focused plan of action to fine-tune their outlook to make the best of any situation.  This program is perfect for any organization that is looking for Leadership, Accountability, Overcoming Obstacles training as well as a fun, interactive Team Building activity.

    • L– Live with Purpose 
    • I– Invest in Others
    • N– Never Say Never
    • U– Undertake Something Bold
    • S– Start Now!  

Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, always inspirational, Karen’s keynotes and workshops personify the spirit of commitment and perseverance that will compel you to conquer life’s challenges — one day at a time.

Audiences take away a renewed commitment to achieve the seemingly un-achievable, and a determination to move past unexpected challenges and embrace a new spirit toward their professional and personal lives.

Her book, Working for Peanuts: The Project Linus Story has received multiple honors and rave reviews.  She’s been featured on Oprah, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, People magazine, Parade magazine, Reader’s Digest, Family Circle, and thousands of newspapers, radio and television shows.

She has received dozens of awards for humanitarian work and speaking skills, including Oprah’s Angel award, Person of the Week by Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News, and selected as one of the “Ten Outstanding Young Americans” by the United States Jaycees.

Karen travels from the Denver area. 

To invite Karen to be part of your next event, call (303) 478-6652, or email