Oprah Winfrey introduced Karen on her award winning daytime show with “Simple acts of compassion create miracles in the world all the time. Nobody knows that better than my next guest, Karen Loucks. Take a look at how a stitch of kindness inspired people across the whole country to help warm hearts and heal the spirits of children who are in need.”



Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News launched the segment about Karen and Project Linus by saying, “And tonight, what the U.S. military might call Operation Provide Comfort. It’s about one woman’s idea to do just that- providing comfort to those in need.”

Dr. Laura Schlessinger exclaimed, “For the 35+ years I’ve been on the radio, my focus has been on helping families and children. Protecting our children and doing what’s in their best interest has always been the most important issue for me. Clearly, Karen has shared that thinking and has acted upon it in a unique and loving way.”